At long last! The web-only port of my game GGG!  

***Works best in Chrome browser***

This is my first game, built with GameMaker Studio 2.  Inspired by the classic GBA game WarioWare.  I had an idea of making a frenetic micro mini game collection but set to a song.  I'm a fan of the band Metric and thought that the song Gold Guns Girls would be perfect to try this idea with.  

***This game was made for portfolio showcase purposes only and all art assets were found for free online.   I make no claim on any of the art or sound assets*** 

Development log


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woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. GGGREAT GAME OVERALL

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!!! :)

Really great game to start with! I don't have a Mac, but I enjoyed my time playing it at the event and it was also really great as a talking piece. I wish you the best for future game making!

Thanks dude!