LANDJAM+ 2021 WINNER:   Best Concept!

How to play: 
WASD or Arrow keys move the player.  SPACEBAR performs an attack action.

What started out as an idea for an action RPG game quickly solidified into something more meaningful for us.  During LANDJAM+ 2021 our team wanted to capture the essence of old school gaming while incorporating our personal indigenous heritage backgrounds.  All while respecting the medium, our inspirations, our nations, and each other.  The result is our homage to the classic games of our childhood, in particular the venerable Zelda series.  ʻĀINA.  This is our love letter to the classic gaming days of yesteryear.   

Please enjoy our proof of concept and feel free to provide any feedback in the comments below!


- Desmand King 


āina, the Hawaiian word for land, is a single-player role-playing game where an Indigenous protagonist named ʻāina, who resides within the sovereign and self-sustaining lands of his Indigenous people. When the community’s water supply suddenly and mysteriously decreases to levels that the land cannot sustain plant, animal and human life, ʻāina is sent out on a mission outside the comfort and safety of his home territory by his community elders to seek out and restore healthy waters to their ancestral lands.


The ʻĀINA LANDJAM+  2021 team:

  • Desmand King Lead Programmer  / Lead Designer
  • Justin G (Hawaiian) Lead Artist
  • Terry Jones (Seneca – wolf clan)

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